Posted date: 7/March/2011

The real life sex racket Nityananda role on reel life is played by actor of 53 films Ravi Chetan. He looks typical in the get up. He has picked the smile very well and his cheeks are paining for him now.
In the independent India any imitation is possible and this one of controversy swami Nityanand of Bidadi Ashram that Mediaa International is producing in the direction of Madan Patel. The Freedom Park was the venue on the morning of Sunday Ravi Chetan received the first call of threat. He was attacked in bad words. He just noted down the number.
The God Man Ban Man has huge following all of us now. For Ravi Chetan this is a challenge. He has been accepting this kind of anti image roles in his career of over 10 years. Looking at his costume on Sunday morning his wife told him not to come like this to home. That was so immaculate matching of the real life God Man Nityananda for him.
It is not the first time Ravi Chetan is donning this role. He was given the similar role in ‘Swami Seve’ but the producer and director after photo shoot kept away as they received the threatening calls. When an actor like Amitab Bachchan can take on such anti roles, in our cinema industry Devaraj sir did ‘Veerappan’ role I don’t find anything wrong and I will not go back on this role said Ravi Chetan.
There is enough of detail in this film and the objective is that to showcase all Swamijis are not like that. From one person entire Swamiji fraternity is getting bad name. The Hindu religion is getting bad name from such acts. The friends of Ravi Chetan have already given him the title ‘Smiling Killer Chetan’.

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