Posted date: 27/February/2011

Two contemporaries in the professional career – two are big names today – dream merchant V Ravichandran and Jaggesh Navarasa Nayaka have great respect to another important colleague the century hero Shivarajakumar. Both have cancelled the abroad and Mysore shoot for the purpose of the March 2 celebration ‘Mahashivarathri’ – the Kannada stars joining for the century hero Shivarajakumar silver jubilee in the Kannada cinema industry.
Jaggesh was supposed to go to Macau and Thailand for two songs shoot for his ‘Double Decker’ for a week he was supposed to leave in the first week of March. On the other hand V Ravichandran was supposed to leave for shoot to Mysore and other locations for ‘Narasimha’.
Now both have shifted the venue to Bangalore so that they can take part in the celebrations of Shivarajakumar silver jubilee.
Jaggesh using the power erected sets at Mysore Lamp for song shoot with Siya Gautam for song. He explained that he took the decision to cancel the abroad shoot to take part in the Shivarajakumar invitation.
Jaggesh highlighting the nature of Shivarajakumar said he is a wonderful human being. In his wit he said ‘I am going to give a ‘Choke’ – surprise to Shivanna on that day.
Apparently both V Ravichandran and Jaggesh with Ramesh Aravind are receiving honor from Shivarajakumar on his 25 years in the industry. All three have crossed 25 years in cinema is another notable aspect.

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