Posted date: 2/June/2010

In a memorable Sri Raghavendra Chitravani 33 year and 9th annual awards function the award winners spoke for a few minutes to express their deep felt satisfaction at The Bell Hotel on 31st May 2010.

DWARAKISH – I have cried only on three occasions in my life. When comedy actor Narasimha Raju, Shanker Nag and Dr Vishnuvardhana died I wept a lot. Vishnu was my Muddu Vishnu. I am in dark now. I wanted to make some more films with him. This award I am receiving in his brother in law memory. I should have given me Prashasthi. On the present situation of Kannada cinema Dwarakish felt unhappy as the new film in a Navrang theatre gets Rs.2000 in the morning show. It is so pathetic. The passionate film maker, director and actor are necessary. The responsibility of heroes is high today. A Benz car came in front of my NR Colony house in 1977. That is distributor RN Mandre. Like that the situation should come up for Kannada cinema.

BASANTHKUMAR PATIL – DV Sudheendra is Annadhatharige Annadhata! He has identified the talent and encouraged.

C SEETHARAM – Receiving an award is difficult. I did not get what I expected. I thought it is given for ‘Ayogyas’. DG Venkatesh told me consider this as ‘Vishwasa’. I agreed because in 43 years of my career I did not found much of Vishwasa. I am sharing the dais with lot of people whom I know very well. It is satisfactory.

GURUPRASAD – I was in all the departments in ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ including that of producer. Now getting this award that too the giver is good I feet proud. An award means two years life span goes gown. But this one is not like that.

GOSHAL OF TV 9 – I dedicate this award to my parents who are sitting next to Mysooru Harish who has instituted this award.

PRASHANTHRAJ – I was depressed with industry support to my film ‘Love Guru’. This award put me in happiness.

KASTHURI SHANKER – After 82 I am not singing. But this one in the name of Dr Rajakumar is very precious in my life. This has given me courage to sing for some more years. She sung the song Rangena Halliyage…..

UMESH – 50 years in films and 60 years on state for this 12th of June recalled his 1975 incident where he had won Rs.2000 award from state government. I was eagerly waiting for it so that I can eat good food for many days. My Chaitanya has not come down. Kalavidaranna Kai Bidabedi. I can work for 10 more years.

SHIVAMANI – JOSH is winning one or the other award. Getting an award in my Guru KV Jayaram name is very satisfactory for me. In 1989 I worked as assistant to KV Jayaram.

ARJUN of Ambari – This encouragement makes me to work with Great Spirit for my next film ‘Addhuri’ at the same some fear has also cropped up.

V HARIKRISHNA – This award goes to 60 to 70 who worked with me. Happiness and responsibility both comes to me from this kind of award.

JANAKIRAM – I wanted to say something when KFCC President was around. Yet I want to mention that the running of KFCC is as precious as the sacred three knots at the time of marriage. Three knots are producer, distributor and exhibitor. Basanthkumar Patil should carry on his responsibility with the support of all the three. Janakiran handed over Rs.5000 cash ward back to Sri Raghavendra Chitravani for using it to the good purpose.

DR BHARATHI VISHNUVARDHANA – Patrakarthara Prashasthi ella Prashasthigalalli Shreshta! Jayavagali and Shubavagali.

K N NAGESHKUMAR – Very emotional at his speech remembered his parents. He recalled his marriage reception arranged by Dr Vishnu and naming of his son as Shreyas was also suggested by Dr Vishnu. He donated Rs.5000 cash prize to a student Prem of East West School. Being a photographer KM Veeresh selecting my name I am very thankful.

D.G.VENKATESH alias SUDHEENDRA VENKATESH – I have been asking Dr Girish Kasaravalli from last three years to be the chief guest for our function. This year it has happened. The support given to my Chikkappa D.V.Sudheendra everyone is giving and I request for the support in future.

Nagendra Prasad sung the inaugural song on Sringeri Sharadhe. Aparna was the anchor with flawless Kannada. The lighting of the lamp to begin the award winning was joined by everyone on the stage.

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