Posted date: 11/February/2009

Young and enthusiastic Muralidhar son of top rates character artist of Kannada cinema Krishne Gowda is forging ahead with bubbling energy in his debut production and appearance in ‘Anjadirru’. The ad man is now adding new dimension to the business of entertainment. Crystal clear in ideas, thorough look out of proceedings of cinema and good team has given good experience says Muralidhar in an exclusive chat with Chitratara.com

Here are the excerpts of an interview:

Before taking up 'Anjadhirru' what were you doing?
I run Advertisement business, still with the same. Apart from that I have produced 'Anjadirru'.

Son of a renowned actor Mr Krishne Gowda the film industry people did not ask you to act in films earlier?
I was not identified with film industry earlier. I only accompanied my father Mr Krishne Gowda on various occasion in film or TV related programs.

What is Muralidhar today?
Ambitiously look forward to opportunities in order to build film as career along with present business.

Cinema making requires discipline. I think you have that. How about the risk?
Risk always produces good results, I strongly believe in it.

Where was the need to take up a remake film?
Impressed about the screenplay the theme and roles of Tamil movie and thought of reproducing to give Kannada movie lovers a fresh look at with social bearing.

With a wonderful actor father in the home you could have thought on the lines of Nagesh Kukanoor or Prakash Belwadi or someone else?
Obviously we have plans of making own movie with inputs largely from my father in near future, remake was thought purely on the success story of Tamil version.

The youngsters like you today think on taking the cinema worldwide. How about you?
Exploring opportunities to drive the Kannada movie the International way in the near future is my priority. I am sure hard work and deliverable will drive us future.

What does the Kannada audience would get from 'Anjadhiru'?
It’s all about the dreams of perusing carrier from the low middle class family resulting otherwise to pursue differently due to compelling circumstances.

Time is saved is equivalent to money earned. How was your planning of time, money and management?
Thanks for the team I had, all went as planned, thus managed on all counts.

The best thing you love about your father a proved actor in Kannada cinema, highly respected for his chilling voice?
Absolutely he is the role model for me & guiding factor for every thing in my life.

Your future plans in the cinema industry?
Pursue seriously to find success in the industry for both self and others.

Are you aiming to become a hero?
Look forward to such an opportunity, though it’s been a lead role in 'Anjadirru', initially thought of making debut as a hero in this movie, but on the advice of my father, satisfied with the role done.

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