Posted date: 8/August/2010


London schedule has been completed and it is after Bangalore schedule. Now it is shooting again in Bangalore and move on to Mysore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The 15 days schedule in London was like 30 days shooting stint. The sunset was late in the night and we had even shot for 16 hours a day.

Nayanthara, Tulip Joshi and other artists took part in the talkie and song portions. Mostly at central London and West minister offices too the shooting was held.

Upendra has not worked in Pressure but in pleasure. Rockline Venkatesh is mainly responsible for so much of good work done so far.

From Rock planning I have learnt creative and practical aspects. That is very important for the present film industry. Every day was planning. It was like cut to cut plan.

We did not used skimmer the weather came to our help. It is like it happens. Devaradaya and in all ways it was good says Uppi.

Ashok and Imran have done great job one song is choreographed by Chinni Prakash.

Nayanthara was very nice. She uses to sit on the London footpath and not demanding in nature. He stayed in our hotel. Lucky to get such a heroine.

In the beginning of newspaper ads we have put a stone a line and Thimmappa. That Thimmappa has helped us. That is Rockline Venkatesh. No for me Lord Thimmappa is the producer immediately said Rockline Venkatesh.

This is a commercial entertainer. Sanna Putta Tharle. There will be no disappointment.

The Dodda cinema is made by the people. Now I feel I can become producer and Rockline a director. It is so fantastic coordination. Both used to think in both the terms of director and producer.

The planning and designing was so good as soon as we got down from flight shooting used to start.

Planning saves and tension not to come near is what I have learnt from this film.

I have come from Kashinath school of film making. He used to show one room as four rooms.

Badhalavani should not be searched. Then there surrounds confusion. I am right I should only do the work crops up. Not disturbing the production everything went on well.

We have divided the portions as easy, risky plus heavy in category. We got a few days gaps and some time one month it all added to the value increase in the film.



This will be a trend setter. I have not heard anywhere this advanced thinking of what Upendra expressed.

For me it is not easy to convince in story. Had I not got this type of story I would gone for a remake.

It happened in the case of ‘Manasare’ Yograj Bhattaru explained the Huch aspatre background beautifully.

For a producer like me this is a challenge cinema. This film has taken lot of physical strain. Lot of work the film demanded from me. After a long time I have indulged in every work.

This film cannot be compared or explained. I have not thought any single line from any film.

The marketing of this film in Tamil and Telugu through my contacts. I have seen the rushes and fully happy.

In London the general public moving on streets clapped and danced for Imran Sardia steps.

The trend of Upendra in ‘Preethse’ was different and this is different.

We cannot judge the final film now. The family audience would definitely like it.

This is our Samsara. No discussion only work. Non stop work.

Other youngsters should learn from Upendra. He has not forgotten Kashinath school.

These scripts demand something for every shot.

Like Upendra every director correlates with the producer it will be wonder.

We can save a lot and putting aside wastage. We have done planning more than shooting.

This stage is itself a profit.

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