Posted date: 11 Sat, Dec 2021 02:11:06 PM

It seems for the first time the two superstars of Telugu cinema Ramcharan Teja and Junior NTR dubbed their voice in Kannada for the RRR multi lingual film in the direction of nation pride SS Rajamouli.

The Kannada version of RRR – Rudra, Rana Rudhira is hitting the silver screen worldwide on January 7th, 2022. As of now, the RRR trailer has beaten the records set by SS Rajamouli ‘Bahubali’ I and II.

The team of RRR – Rajamouli, Ramcharan Teja and Rama Rao NT Junior with the ravishing looking Alia Bhat, Producer Dhanayya and Karnataka distributor KVN – Venkat Narayan present on Friday morning to address the media at Orion Mall.

I am the hero of the film and the point of emotion to bring the audience to the theaters is important as mentioned by the great director Rajamouli in his razzle-dazzle ‘RRR’ addressing the media. If I am not sure of success, I will not try it. My concept is portrayed through characters and I select best like how I selected NTR and Ramcharan Teja. As of today I am super happy. The purpose behind making this film in Kannada is because I was cursed when I did Bahubali I and II not being made in Kannada. In giving correct Kannada I have taken good support because I know there will be magnifying glasses to look at mistakes stated SSR.

According to me, success is the first point of success. It should connect people. Once the lights are off on screen they indulge in characters, stars, money, technical excellence not become focal points he observes.

On bringing two stars NTR and Ramcharan Teja together, Rajamouli was straight in making a point. I knew the stars clash between these two actors. Personally, they are very good friends. I studied it well and came to know they do not have ego and hassles. From this film, RRR there will be a full stop to this star war.  SSR on his father Vijayaprasad pointed that I have given him the maximum torture in shaping up my project.

Junior NTR for the first time acting in a Kannada version of Telugu original RRR. As a student I studied each line in Kannada for this film to get A+ mark. This is a special film from many angles. For rehearsal we went to Europe to show how tough it was. We have taken18 takes in one of the cases. One more take was torture of director Junior NTR disclosed.

I am extremely happy to be acting in this South Indian language. Dubbing in Kannada given satisfaction, I am prepared to act here provided good story crops up stated Ramcharan Teja.

The young sensation today in a sensational historical film RRR working for the first time in the South says on sets she is like a clean slate. I work according to the instructions of the director. I was dreaming of working with Rajamouliji and it happened from this film RRS she pointed out. I spent one year and three months on this project and was excited to know the response for Sita role added ravishing beauty Alia Bhat.

KVN is distributor of this film and Venkatnarayan further said he is interested to make a film with SS Rajamouli in the coming days. SSR is a man with simple living and high thinking. He is the greatest, he pointed. 

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