Posted date: 25/August/2009

What is the first week collection of ‘Raj The Showman’? I do not talk about the terms of money but what I would says is that 31 lakh people watched the film in 101 theatres says director Prem.

What is the boost for such an energetic response? Undoubtedly it is Puneeth Rajakumar. Although director Prem is not interested in talking about the money it has collected in the first week the truth is that the first week share is over Rs.6 crores from the counters.

In Bellary from two theatres 13 show of ‘Raj The Showman’ was shown. I did not speak to anyone for three days. The collection of first week is equal to 100 days collection says director Prem proudly. This is the answer for the detractors say Prem.

Puneeth Rajakumar admits that he had seen the ups and down of this film. But the portion of positive response is quite impressive and not satisfying in some cases…quality of course is fantastic and I agree fans disappointment is there he says.

Cameraman Krishna is of the opinion ‘Raj The Showman’ is a fresh lease of life for Kannada industry. No week end or month end affected this film. Every day of shooting was challenge for me. How I have to please with good work was my preparation everyday said Krishna.

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