Posted date: 25/August/2009

Saurab Babu and his wife Roopa Babu residing at United States of America and working in Sprint Technology are foraying in to Kannada cinema that’s title is picked from the famous lines of Sri Purandaradasa.

‘Allidhe Nammane Illi Bandhe Summane’ aptly applies to the NRI couple who literally made it to the most advanced country from Bennahalli in Malavalli taluk of Mandya district and Kanakapura near Bangalore (husband and wife original place).

Saurab also in two minds to take up one of the two important roles has based the story of his life for the film and he also writes dialogues. An engineering graduate from UVCE has lot of trials and tribulations to make an interesting storyline. I have learnt the alphabets at 8th standard of my school studies and how I faced the situation armed with engineering degree in USA is interesting part that the director of this film Gopi Peenya would like to express in a comedy style. All the incidents of this film are real life ones. It dates back to the period of 1999 to 2005. The contents I have set aside is such that it has coolly become a story for the film says Saurabh.

In 40 days with 16 to 18 member’s team ‘ANIBS’ is shooting in USA. Srinivas Raj is the main hero of this film. Srinivas Raj a familiar television actor a dance exponent is making debut and he happens to be the classmate of Saurab. Srinivas Raj has done a crash course in Kishore Namith Kapoor School Mumbai.

Joe martin who worked with great cameraman like Manikantan is independently handling the camera for ‘ANIBS’.

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