Posted date: 31/October/2010

Saurab is as sweet as the favorite ‘Hayagriva’ of the Madhwa community. Thandeyanthe Maga! Saurab son of talented anchor Sanjeev Kulkarni is noticed widely because of his childhood role of ‘Venkatanatha’ (Sri Raghavendra Swamy) in Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava is very vibrant, talkative and fluent in his speech without even missing link even if he speaks for five minutes.

His impromptu address at the get together of ‘Guru Raghavendra Vaibha’ 100 episodes announcement was again attractive like his 35 plus episodes in ‘Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava’.

In fact Saurab continuously went behind the role he was told once and one fine day when Ba La Suresh was writing the screenplay and dialogues Saurab stood before him. Director Suresh decided this is the boy he was looking for. A few of the Sandhavandha Mantras were asked to recite and Saurab happily narrated it.

Initially it was thought a few episodes is enough and 12 days call sheet from Saurab was thought. When the episodes featuring Saurab clicked the maker and director were in cloud nine situations. Saurab worked for almost two months. His episodes shot up to more than 30 to 40.

A student of 8th standard at Kumarans High School Master Saurab first appeared in RNJ’s ‘Ramayana’. He was in ‘Chaitanya’ children film and later he played important role in ‘Gurukula’ of Sunil Puranik.

Very bright and bubbling Master Saurab offered Guru Kanike to M R Pattabhiram at the RIM auditorium. For director BL Suresh and others he offered the Guru Kanike at the ‘Sauraba Sambrama’ conducted by his father Sanjeev Kukarni recently.

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