Posted date: 28/January/2009

Dr.Shivarama Karanth appeared in a small scene in Tulu film ‘September 8’ a film made by Dr.Richard Castellino in 24 hours. But now Karanthajja as Dr SK is known is remembered by children in ‘Karanthajjanigondu Pathra’ Kannada film produced by Basavaraju and Shashikumar. The preview of this film was held at Arjun Art Studio on 24th January 2009 at 11 am.

On the raging issue of seashore areas occupied by sea there are many examples before us and stalwart like Girish Kasaravalli had seen those areas swallowed by the sea. This is termed as ‘Kadal Koretha’ a sort of submersion of land living area by the sea due to the atrocity of the nature.

On this subject Sachidananda had written a short story in Mayoora monthly Kannada magazine in 2007 and director Bharathi Shanker attracted with the subject came before top journalist and writer Jogi (H Girish Rao) to do the screenplay and dialogue. The effective screenplay and dialogue which Mr Jogi had written is the mainstay of the film ‘Karanthajjinigondu Pathra’.

The film that dates back to 90’s there is deep concern, desperation of the children, the school teacher, the negligence of parents tucked in this film effectively told. The belief of the children is that Dr.Shivarama Karanth the Jnanapeeth Award winner who runs a column in Tharanga weekly publication ‘Balavanadalli Karanthajja’ would answer any questions and that is accepted in general. The young brains write a letter to Karanthanjja and at last find a reply that says as you grow the revolution is possible. After this reply the child leaves with his parents from the bed of the sea he is living.

The censor board has not given children film tag for this film is what worries director Bharathi Shanker. Sachidananda the story writer of this film was impressed with the involvement of the director. Well known director Girish Kasaravalli said he experienced the ‘Kadal Koretha’ during the shoot of Gulabi Talkies. He appreciated for the issue focused in the film.

Writer and journalist Jogi said it is difficult to get right words for the children to deliver. Jogi who hails from Dakshin Kannada region developed interest in writing for this film only on that ground but not with any special bondage.

Later the discussion on what actually makes the children film was the issue at the media briefing. The thoughts differ at various levels and a perfect definition is needed for children film felt everyone.

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