Posted date: 18/August/2010

Change is permanent thing in life. In the given format what best could be done is thought out by Suvarana Kannada satellite channel a subsidiary to Star channel.

In the leadership of talented actor Sudeep Suvarana completed Pyate Hudgira Halli Life and now it is reversing the gear with village boys in city life. As the most of the village boys are prone to television and mobiles plus western culture program director Raghavendra and team thought of uneducated tribal persons for this program. Eight of the tribal boys move around the city with ultra modern girls. How they adjust to city life is the crux of this program says Raghavendra. We are not making fun out of them but helping them out in meeting their problems that also relate to their community he says.

‘Halli Hydha Pyatege Bandha’ is telecast at 8 to 9 pm from Monday to Friday from 23rd of August.

Jagadish Kumar President of Southtern region of Star TV disclosed five million kannadigas have watched the finals of Pyate Hudgira Halli Life. This is unprecedented. It has made us to expand our thoughts. Nearly 30 percent audiences have watched the program. Today the audiences are fed up of Kannada programs that are not of good standards. This one is with international standard conceived by in house. We would surpass the earlier record from this program he hopes.

Anoop Chandrasekhar the local head is of the opinion that the fiction has dominated off late in the television. To attract the family audience we are with family entertainer. When we took up PHHL 10 lakh audience watched every episode. This sequel will be having a tribal transformation says Anoop.

Radhika Pandit the beautiful actress with brain brought up in city life is already very passionate about this program. She is the ambassador of this sequel and this too good a program to be a part she says.

Nayana the winner of Pyate Hudgira Halli Life final (she had won a flat the paper work is in progress) was present to express her satisfaction. I have not only won the award become popular but won many good things participating in the PHHL. I hope Radhika Pandit would surpass Sudeep in her work she hoped.

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