Posted date: 3/August/2010

Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. Success can also give many lashings! That is what Shashank blowing the trumpet of ‘Panchajanya’ (Shanka blow by Sri Krishna) of his ‘Krishnan Love Story’ has done on Monday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan.

Producer Uday Mehtha agrees that director should not have spoken like this today. But the things went out of control from Shashank when he deviated from his success get together issue and focused on Times of India and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

Instead of coming to road and protesting the KFCC should encourage quality film makers. We have given one letter to this effect. The newspaper like Times of India instead of writing big articles on Gautham Menon should write about our technicians.

A few of the media persons said why you are deviating from 50 days happiness, talk about your film. Shashank said he is making general statement. Still why are you pointing to one leading newspaper was the question put before him. I have spoken enough of my film I have other topics to say he admitted.

Krishnan Love Story has beaten film like ‘Raavanan’ when it was released on 18th June. The KFCC should encourage and applaud our film. There is no point in going to road. Only quality can answer non Kannada onslaught. Media should ask KFCC heads why they are not encouraging people like me and report he pointed.

On the Enjalu brought by Kannada film personalities – for remake this film KLS is an answer. For KLS there are 12 takers to Telugu, Tamil and even Bengali languages. I do take up Telugu version and technicians going there would change their wrong feelings on Kannada film industry says Shashank.

Repeatedly when he was told speak about your film he was in mood to bring moronic moment. Shashank you have a disciplined Karnataka Film Directors Association you put before your problems related to KFCC and not pint point any media was told. Shashank ‘Khara bath’ did not stop suddenly.

‘Olleyavarindha Gedda Cinema’ he makes a statement as his film enters the 50 day this Friday. Those who have not seen are bad people in the society is it was asked to him. Why do you look at the things in negative approach look at positive angle advised the media.

Winning is OK but why spoiling the image Shashank?

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