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The family emotional films with love as his concepts in most of the films Shashank is back as producer besides direction in `Love 360` – he introduces a doctor Praveen as an actor for the first time.


A clever director from the days of Moggina Manasu Shashank launched Shashank Cinemas. He wanted to direct super star Upendra but the Corona Pandemic stalled his thoughts and in the gap he picked a romantic thriller. Shashank`s last film Thayige Thakka Maga with Sumalatha Ambarish MP, Ajay Rao and Ashika Ranganath did quite well in the box office.


Coming with new hero Praveen and Henge Namdu of `Love Mocktail` Rachana Inder and other director Shashank held workshops for the team members. Coming before the media for the first time the mood of the film via trailer and songs sung by Sid Sriram Jagave Neenu…and O Sakhiye Savarisu….sung by Sanjith Hegde screened at SRV Theater. In picking Praveen as hero Shashank was emotional because his father and forefathers are Ayurvedic doctors and looking at the service done by Praveen`s father he was completely moved. He noticed the innocent look of Praveen and agreed to go ahead.


Love 360 means the pure love of the hero in all rounds. Hero and heroine are the only two good persons in the film. He does not believe anything wrong told about her lover.  He has shot for the film at the coastal belt of Gokarna and other locations. Abhishekh Kallathi is cinematographer.


Gopala Deshpande, Danny Kuttappa, Sukanya, Sujith, Mahangesh, Kavya shastri and others are part of the cast. Arjun Janya has done music. Shashank one line of the film is William Shakespeare quotation `The Curse of True Love never did run smooth`.


Praveen`s interest in acting made his father to get him the Sathyanand acting school in Hyderabad. He had basic training in Adarsha Film Institute. With training in acting and workshop for coming before the camera it was not difficult, says Praveen. I am a boat mechanic in the film, says Praveen.


This is my solo heroine film the beauty of Love Mocktail I and 2 Rachana Inder. I have a variety to perform and the film surrounds me.


Gopal Deshpande as cop found something special working in this team. He hails from theater and he did find something he can do when the role was offered to him.

Danny Kuttappa thanked director Shashank and became emotional because good words moved him. He is a villain with some changes in the film.

Kavya Shastry anchor turned actor has done something bold and important in a short stint. Stunt director Mass Madha invited actor Praveen to sit on his lap, appreciated his strength and his wish of doing work for Shashank film is fulfilled from Love 360.


Abhishek Kallathi explained the process of his work and a lot of learning experience in the debut. 

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