Posted date: 3/August/2008

Quite obese but sharply carved features Shashirekha the local talent is forging ahead with 15 Kannada films and equal number of television serials in six years of her career.

I failed in II PUC and happened to meet the Rajajinagar MLA Na.La.Narendra Babu for finding a way to become a singer. But the honorable MLA said you can become actress – Shashirekha recalled her six years ago experience. Apparently on this 18th July 2008 she finished six years stint in small and big screen.

Getting a compliment from former actor and current MLA Na.La.Narendra Babu - actress Shashirekha got an offer from ‘Dharmaveera Kempe Gowda’ television serial on air in DD. Later the going was smooth this classmate of Chaya Singh and Hamsavijetha (grand daughter of Udayakumar) in Auribindo College near Modi Hospital on West of Chord Road.

In films like Super Police, Thanks, Onti Mane, OK Saar OK, Bala Shiva, Neelakanda she has acted in petty roles. She wanted to act with Shivanna in a film. Director S.Narayan called for a role in that film. Surprised Shashirekha acted in ‘Thayiya Madilu’ for two days in Mysore and Bangalore. That was the film starring Shivanna and Rakshita. Shashirekha saw the film and baffled to know that her portions were cut off by the director. She had the similar experience with director Prem in ‘Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’.

For making regular money television is best. For earning more fame it is only cinema says Shashirekha who has acted in television serials like Badhuku, Kavaladhari, Kshana, Manvanthara, Amma Nagamma, Jagalagantiyaru etc.

Shashirekha has acted in three films of director Omprakash Naik – Ondu Koleya Suththa, Devvada Maneya Ditta Makkalu and Kanasondhu Shuruvaythu. In DDM she is a reporter and in Kanasondhu she is pitted against two heroes.

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