Posted date: 23/June/2010

From the twenty minutes chat had with this leading actor Ganesh wife Shilpa the bright prospects of business magnet was noticed on Monday night after the formal address of ‘Cool’ the second home production of Golden Movies. Very decisive on what she wants, accurate on getting things done Shilpa never tolerate the inadequacy in the work.

Ganesh wife Shilpa looking completely professional says this is a lavish venture as the team is very big and the needs are also different for this film. Shilpaji is doing the costume designing and the similarities of Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Rajaneethi’ costumes one could found in ‘Cool’ she says. Suddenly she remembers another costume designer Rathod. There will be whole lot of costumes for Amna Sharief and she is also a fashion designer by herself.

Shilpa Ganesh is also tapping all the possibilities of accruing funds via publicity for this film. She has decided to set a new trend in the marketing division. I would step in to every possible place to fetch good returns for the film even before release is Shilpa’s agenda.

In the guidance of Shilpa Ganesh the party hosted in Gold Finch Hotel was notable as all the producers of previous films of Ganesh were present to wish him. Dr Jayamala, K Manju and his wife, Rockline Venkatesh, Anandappa, N Kumar, SV Babu, Chandrasekhar, Premkumar, Avinash, Krishna, Preetham, Malavika, Mimicry Dayanand and others graced the occasion.

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