Posted date: 14 Tue, Jun 2022 08:12:59 AM

Another mammoth in making and marketing (film Bairagi is safe and put in comfort zone for producer Krishna Sarthak) BAIRAGI is all set to conquer the silver screen on July 1.


Dr Shivarajakumar gives a family pack with emotion, comedy, musical and action film in ‘Bairaagi’. On last October 29, 2022 his ‘Bhajarangi 2’ released all over.


‘Bairagi’ in Vijay Milton direction and Krishna Sarthak production has been a good emotional journey. Before you make a decision, think about it. Rather than repentance avoid the action related to it. The dozen plus characters in this film connect and so is audience. There is nothing in ‘Aase Padodu’ but it should be in rightful and truthful manner is what film basically speaks about says Dr Shivarajakumar speaking to the crowded media on Monday afternoon at Nagavara residence.


Pointing an incident Dr Shiv disclosed that we get a wound on our body, we erase it with medicine. But the wound in the heart does not go so easily. When you admire a person for various reasons and then you find a shocker from him what is the feeling you get know in ‘Bairagi’ he says. You fight or safeguard is the point.


There is ‘Huli Vesha’ portion that is filled with action, vigor and vivacity. I had done with actual make up. We had a single shot song for the film. One day rehearsal and the other day it was completed in Brigade apartment surroundings. Sushma from Mangalore is the one who had done the makeup for Shivanna for ‘Hulivesha’.


On the portion with Dolly it is something special. The Tagaru style is not carried forward. In the climax the two characters suspense you would know he says. The portion of Prithvi Ambar, Anjali, Saptha and others added good value. All characters emotion connects to everyone and audience would feel unique and different. There is love track and it is again very intelligently told.


In the absence of director Shivarajakumar took responsibilities of briefing media about ‘Bairaagi’, this title was in the hands of Rockline Venkatesh and this title suggestion came from Guruprasad he says.


Krishna Sarthak first independent production has made him comfortably. Already 10 crores plus satellite right he collected and Hindi dubbing is in discussion. Jagadish Films is associating in distributing he film he says.


Before release ‘Bairagi’ is up to a road show. On 24 June the team is leaving to Chamarajanagar for a function on June 25 evening. We are covering Ramanagara, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya, Mysuru, Nanjanagudu, possibly Gajanur and reach Chamarajanagara.


Bairagi ….warrior unarmed is in Krishna Creations has story, screenplay, direction and cinematography of SD Vijay Milton, J Anoop Seelin composed music, Deepu S Kumar edited the film, Guru Kashyap who passed away last year has penned the dialogues and Rajan done special effects. 

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