Posted date: 15/December/2008

Very often Sihikahi Chandru is pestered with the question what happened to your announcement of Dr.Vishnu starring Kannada film ‘Naane Bere Nan Style Bere’. For that he has given the clear answer on the get together party of his new television serial ‘Badhuku Mayeya Aata’. It is true that I have prepared the subject for the film but it was not completely accepted. Then producer K.Manju told that he is using the title ‘Naane Bere Nan Style Bere’ and starting the 199th film with the Malayalam film remake script in the direction of Dinesh Baboo.

For this how can I say no to producer K.Manju. Only title he is using and my script after improvisation will be taken up for production he has promised. May be after 200th film of Dr.Vishnu I may take up direction says Chandru.

Meantime Sihi Kahi Chandru has announced that he has 15 scripts but money is the only criterion that is blocking him. Today the cost of production has shot up. I have made a working that needs Rs.87 lakhs for just first print excluding the artist payment. A minimum of Rs.60000 is needed per day for the shooting and maximum spent so far is Rs.2 lakhs per day. For one of the film workings of four artists and three locations my working is like this explains Sihikahi Chandru.

He has given one of his scripts to Hindi film maker Shakthi Samanth and waiting for the nod. There are scripts that are different and can match the films like ‘A Wednesday’ or ‘Aamir’. What I need is financial support informs Chandru.

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