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The nationally acclaimed director SV Rajendra Singh Babu is brushing the memories with the launch of ‘Bandhana 2’ at Lalit Hotel Ashok on Friday morning.

The blockbuster of 25 weeks in 25 theatres of ‘Bandhana’ starring Dr Vishnuvardhana, Suhasini Manirathnam and Jai Jagadish in lead roles in 1984 was regarded high even after 37 years. While Dr Vishnu is not living with us today, the other achievers of the film director SV Rajendra Singh Babu, Jai Jagadish and Suhanini Manirathnam are now venturing in to ‘Bandhana 2’.

This time story for this sequel comes from noted dialogue writer AV Chindan for his script while the main base of subject comes from Angadi Shanthappa (Bandhana of 1984 based on Dr Usha Navarathna Ram ), SV Rajendra Singh Babu has done screenplay and direct the film.

The tall and handsome actor Adhitya son of Singh Babu is in the lead role with Suhasini, Sudharani, Jai Jagadish, Gururaj Hoskote, Sadhu Kokila, Govinde Gowda and others.

Dharma Vish is handling music of this film by producers cum cinematographer Anaji Nagaraj. It is Green Lights Ventures Presents film ‘Bandhana 2’.

At the muhurut the photo of Dr Vishnuvardhana received floral tribute, Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana and Vijayalakshmi Singh, director, actor and producer sister of Singh Babu present to the muhurut.

Remembering the days of Bandhana, the acclaimed director SV Rajendra Singh Babu said he made the first copy of the film in just 22 lakhs. In this sequel Nandini`s son has grown up. That is Adhitya and the film will have the shade of Dr Vishnu throughout. Besides love there will be action in the narration, says Babu. Singh Babu also welcomed the fans of Dr Vishnu to give the suggestions addressing the media.

I am back in Kannada after a long gap. I have fond memories of Bandhana. It was a dream project. I do not have words to express the legendary Dr Vishnu. What the present generation will do is part of this film, said Suhasini Manirathnam.

I was six years old when ‘Bandhana’ was released in theatres. At the same place watched the proceedings of muhurut. In Mysuru shooting of Bandhana I was every day at the location. I did not expect that I would be part of the same title film 37 years ago. Anaji Nagaraj is returning to cinema production and I wish him success like the 1984 Bandhana said Adhitya addressing the media.

I saw Bandhana in 1984 in Davanagere. I know Singh Babu works like youngsters. I do the camera work for the film and am sure of giving a convincing film said Anaji Nagaraj.

I am even today asked about the Balu role of Bandhana remembered actor, director and producer Jai Jagadish. I have full faith in Singh Babu that he would work a wonder in this Bandhana 2 stated Jai Jagadish,

AV Chintan dialogue writer said Nandini, Harish, Balu and Babu are 4 pillars of this film. people have not forgotten. I am sure Dr Vishnu fans will be completely satisfied.

Dharma Vish is composing six songs for this film is another high point of the film.
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