Posted date: 20/March/2009

Hrithik Roshan is a good dancer and actor too. In case he appears in an item song do you call him as an item dancer? The sizzling and seductress on screen Rachana Mourya objects to her calling item dancer. Call me a performer. I can emote well. I understand the situations very well. I am appearing for dance numbers in Kannada but I am in to video albums and stage shows in Mumbai and in Telugu and Tamil is a heroine. Opposite Balakrishna and Jeevan I am the heroine. For Balakrishna Telugu super star film I am leaving to Switzerland Rachana outlined in detail.

It is the breakthrough everyone looks forward. After that the one at the helm call the shots. Any remuneration is offered then. I am looking for such a status in life. From ‘Uppi Dada MBBS’ I became item dancer to the eyes of Kannada cinema industry and my first release is ‘O Gulabiye’. So far I have appeared in 14 Kannada films says Rachana who hates the media calling such dancers as ‘Sex bombs’ in the industry.

I am looking for actress in the lead and Kannada film industry is not giving me. It is because I am getting good songs and enough money I am accepting item dancers here. I am trained under Ganesh Acharya in Mumbai Rachana is my name and surname is Mourya.

I feel 50/50 as for as the competition for my profession is concerned. I greatly respect my profession and the song numbers are watched by every audience. I also get up like a heroine work hard, learn steps, and maintain my personality. Just because I appear in a song you cannot smudge me she says.

Rachana Mourya firmly says she does not like to be called as item dancer.


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