Posted date: 18/September/2010

Ranganath Bharadwaj the sharp anchor good in debating things in his television profession from the days of ETV later in TV 9 and now with another Ranganath (former Kannada Prabha Editor) in 24 Carat Suvarana Channel makes his first presence in big screen. ‘Big Fight’ is the current sensational program which Ranganath Bharadwaj handles.

Ranganath Bharadwaj knows how to outsmart others in his channel show is taking the childhood fascinating profession film media as his next move in to profession.

He was shining in milky white costume of ‘Madhumaga’ as the inaugural shot of his film ‘Bombeyatavayya’. With his knowledgeable experience he addressed the film media and it was certainly not a ‘Big Fight’.

In his debut Ranganath plays the careless guy of a careful father played by Ananthnag. Whatever area Ranganath try his hands he is not at the winning end. He is forced to join MBBS and even in this he is not showing interest to get responsibility his father arrange for the marriage. That marriage scene was the inaugural shot for his inaugural film ‘Bombeyatavayya’.

Dashing journalist in small screen had a dashing question on seeing cinema and acting in cinema plus his participation in a Congress I politician as producer film would soften his stand on the political party.

Like a ready made answer Ranganath Bharadwaj returned the answer for both the questions. I am childhood cinema fan. It is something wonderful experience for me to watch the film. I pretended that I lost my ticket while coming to the door of cinema hall and convinced the gatekeeper. That was my first acting in Geethanjali theatre in Davanagere. I was allowed inside to watch the Kannada film but when actual ticket holder came I was pushed out of the theatre.

On whether he would soften his stand on Congressmen in his interviews Ranganath Bharadwaj said you watch those programs and tell me. Of course Ravi the producer of Bombeyatavaiah is my friend who has clout in New Delhi central politics but I would not apply butter in my original profession to congressmen he pointed.

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