Posted date: 20/October/2008

The 96 years Smt.Thulasabai Patil mother of producer, actor, Basanth Residency proprietor and former President of Kannada Film Producers Association Mr Basanthkumar Patil died on Sunday after a brief illness.

She leaves behind five sons and two daughters. Smt.Thulasabhai Patil is the first woman in the country to get ‘Thulabhara’ in gold metal in the 2007 Maha Shivarathri day at Bijapur in the massive celebration that Basanthkumar Patil and his brothers have taken up. The kilograms of gold weighed with Smt.Thulasabhai Patil on the other side of the scale were donated to the construction of old age and orphan houses by Mr Patil and sons.

It is at the instance of Smt.Thulasabhai Patil the Thulabhara in gold was performed for which Smt.Thulasabhai Patil first contributed the entire gold in her treasure. For this Mr Basanthkumar Patil purchased a few kilograms of gold from the gold trading business he was doing and weighed his mother in a memorable event at his home town.

Another interesting factor is that Smt.Thulasabhai Patil when living sown nearly 25000 plants and maintained it throughout her last breath.

A mother is a mother is a mother! There is no parallel to this ‘Mother’ on this earth. joins the innumerable and condole the death of Smt.Thulasabhai Patil.

On knowing the death of Smt.Thulasabhai Patil the senior Kannada film industry personality Mr KSL Swamee extended his deep felt regrets and said to Basanthkumar Patil that his mother would definitely reach the heaven and see the ‘Moksha’.

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