Posted date: 9/June/2009

What a song, what an acrobatic movements from Nidhi and Komalkumar. The beach side song Bejanaagi Premisu… (there is a line Nodu Bandhidhe Hrudayave Bayige….is true after watching this song) sung in husky voice by Tippu and Shreya Goshal written by Jayanth Kaikini is very hot and sensational for the front benchers. This song reminds the one of ‘Julie’ Kannada cinema! The Kannada filmdom would look at this song with astonishment. Komalkumar a law graduate who is so good in comedy in his career for the first time participates in a song in cool atmosphere on the beach sides of Hongkong, Thailand and Malaysia with Nidhi and given very hot feelings from that particular song.

From Kila Kila nagu to Laka Laka Lokku! That is the growth of Komalkumar for his brother in law Srinivas come back film ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi’. Most part of the director AR Babu and producer Srinivas talking was done by Komalkumar at the audio release of his much expected film.

The title ‘Operation Kamala’ was denied and the similar case was for ‘Chamkaisi….but my brother who is everything for me in life intervened and approved the title. The small problems Chamkaisthane idhe….for Chamkaisi…..said Komal and remembered Big FM caption Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi was rejected by other channels to promote. We thought of ordinary budget but looking at my Aase and Alochane by brother in law made further loans. Komalkumar feels that for hero position this film would give a new turn in his life.

The humble Komalkumar says he is like a rural student SSLC student. The grace mark is needed to take up medicine in life he feels. There are 26 characters in this film and it is slated for July 1st week release.

Ashok Kashya who saw to it Komalkumar looks good in ‘Sihi Muthu’ lauded the urge and daring nature of Komalkumar. Taking 38 members for one and half hour portion shoot to Thailand, Hongkong and Malaysia is not easy joke feels Kashyap. In case the shake you find on screen for that Komalkumar is responsible says Kashyap.

I was free for one year writing my pains on paper scolding the god for 120 times and I got this offer. Komalkumar has showed we can do wonders from this film complimented AR Babu Director of the film.

‘I have defined the theory that Kannada girls cannot look glamorous’ Nidhi Subbaiah who is somewhat Mallika Sherawat in the song Bejanaagi Premisu….disclosed in her address. After seeing the song she did not believe that she is the one on the screen. Of course I am in cloud nine, flying with good mood said Nidhi who is really a treasure to Kannada cinema.

Music director Masth Balaji said he is not ready to accept the offers as and when it comes. Need to work out and for this Komalkumar film I have work for the hype. I watched Komalkumar getting wonderful response in ‘Masth Maja Maadi’ and know his strength said Balaji.

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