Posted date: 20/February/2011

‘Nanna Rakthada Kana Kanadallu Kalyankumar Avaru Iddare’, this award and honor avarige Mathra Sallabeku- I know only to write but not able to speak well said the lady in tears Smt Revathi Kalyankumar addressing the gathering at Nayana auditorium at the SP Varadaraju Atmiyara Balaga annual award.
While Smt Revathi Kalyankumar received the honor from film fraternity the expert on stage Lal Mohammad Aldhala disclosed he is fortunate to receive this prestigious award. I cannot believe my eyes. I have all artists on screen and they are today at this evening honoring me. This is bigger than National award for me opined the stage actor and writer.
In his welcome address the key person of SP Varadaraju Atmiyara Balaga Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa stated that we want ‘Manassu Mutto Cinema not Maiyi Mutto Cinema’. This is ‘Atma Sakshiya Samarabha’. It is very special on this day because Shivarajakumar has stepped in to 25 years of professional career.
On this touching and memorable evening hat trick hero Shivarajakumar was also honored with shawl, garland and fruit basket.
Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar, Dr Jayamala, Thara, Chindodi Bangaresh, four daughter of SP Varadaraju, two times national award winner for supporting roles Dattanna, Green House Vasu and others were present.

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