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Duration -145 minutes, Category – Historical, Score – 3.5/5

Title – Vyamakaaya Sri Allama Prabhu, Producer – Amara Jyothi Pictures, Direction – Sharan Gadwal, Music Kumar Ishwar, Cinematography – R Giri, Cast – Sachin Suvarna, Ninasam Ashwath, Sambramasri, Vikram Soori, Narayana Swamy,Raghu Mhat , Sringeri Ramanna, Ganesh Rao Kesarkar, Yethiraj, Ramesh Pandit, Shivakumara Aradhya, Sandeep Malani, Amrutha and others.

History creation is separate and telling history to the present generation is different. The present generation needs this type of storytelling with competence.

Sharan Gadwal and team picking one on the 12th century saint in the time of Sri Basaveshwara – Sri Allama Prabhu, Shoonya Peeta Simhasanadishwara spread the fragrance of life in different Vachanas. This is brought out for silver screen as ‘Vyumakaya Sidda Sri Allama Prabhu’.

Honnu maaye Embudu Honnu maaye Alla, Hennu Maaye Embudu Hennu Maaye Alla…Mannu Maaya Embudu Mannu Maaye Alla…Manada Mundana Asheye Maaye Kaana Guheshwara….is one of the popular Vachanas of Sri Allama Prabhu is so relevant to the present generation.

This film looks into the birth, life and achievement of Sri Allama Prabhu. The divine thoughts in the youth, how he escape from the net of ‘Mayadevi’, how he shaped up as Allama Prabhu and later his spread of divine thoughts in the tour and finally becoming Shoonya Peeta Simhasanadishwara. The ‘Shivakya’ narrated in a systematic style in this film.

The research work and knowing more about Sri Allama Prabhu to get it on silver screen is important. There was need of some more care towards the properties and the background required for the film.

Yet director Sharan Gadwal has shown his competence in screenplay and direction. Giving a film on such a divine personality is the much needed thing.

Sachin Suvarna in title role carries the film and he is quite OK, Ninasam Ashwath as Sri Basavanna, Narayanaswamy as Siddarama & Raghu Bhat  as Maharaja  given a neat performance. Vikram Prabhu, Sambramasri are also impressive.

The background voice of ace actor in villain roles Ravishanker is another high point of this film.

A veteran in cinematography R Giri has given a commendable work. Kumar Ishwar music in holding the essence of ‘Vachana’ of Sri Allama Prabhu has done a good task.

BS Kemparaju edited the previously made ‘Allamma’ by TSN and now for this film does a competent work for the film in the technical division.

Producer Madhavananda Tegunasi selecting this kind of subject of the 12th century history deserves full compliments.

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