Posted date: 15/April/2010

Wondering how come the awards of prestigious Sri Raghavendra Chitravani 33rd year announced one month eight days in advance? According to reliable sources the news has first reached this portal.

The two prominent awards are given by Sri Raghavendra Chitravani every year – one for producer and one for journalist. This year the award for producer category goes to eminent Janakiram. The journalist award goes to veteran Dr C.Seetharam.

One is Janaki Rama another is Seetharam – both meaning the same is a great coincidence!

The veteran Janakiram began his career in 1951-52 as cameraman. He joined the HM Reddy studio accidentally worked for Renukadevi Mahatma. After working for Pandari Bhai’s ‘Bhaktha Vijaya’ gateway of fortune has opened for him. He came to film direction after working for 60 films as cameraman from Punyapurusha. He also entered from this film as producer. Later he was recognized as producer. Manava dhanava, Anthima Ghatta, Poli Huduga, Obbarigintha Obbaru, Poli Huduga, Kasidre Kailasa, Agnathavasa, Balu apuroopa Nam Jodi are some of his film. He is also active member in KFCC.

Dr Seetharam C has been torchbearer to so many journalists. His career in Kannada Prabha heading the magazine section in the 90’s has seen wonderful colors. A bit controversial too in the prestigious newspaper Dr C Seetharam is known for crisp writing, new thoughts, flow of Kannada and English is very impressive. On a book ‘N Lakshminarayana’ he had written and submitted it to University of Bangalore he was given the honorary doctorate.

There are various others instituted by various film personalities in the industry and media that will be given away on 23rd of May in a touching style by Sri Raghavendra Chitravani.

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