Posted date: 11 Sat, Jun 2022 06:49:45 PM

It is a rare occasion, a well thought out adventure of Veeraloka Publication from Veerakaputra Srinivas. At the launch of 10 books of eminent writers that too in a posh hotel Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeepa and Gentleman hero Ramesh Aravind graced to do the formalities. 10 Kannada books release was with a slogan ‘Pustakagalu Gnanada Keelikai’.

The Kannada books will be available now onwards at Coffee Shops, Hotels and restaurants, medical shops, hospitals, Malls, Corporate company offices etc says Veerakaputra Srinivas. This is the new venture of Veerakaputra in Veeraloka Prakashana. The main intention is to create readership for the Kannada books.

Reading books is in my nature. To act in a film I tonsured my head. So I did not go to school for some time but visited the library. It became part and parcel of my life. As I read several books, writing a book also developed in me, stated Ramesh Aravind ambassador of Kannada books.

Not reading much is helpful for me. Now at a time I am able to release so many books is a good development. I have kept all writing close to me, he says.

We have a data bank of readers of 11 lakhs and we contact them to sell the books and make this movement ever growing said Veerakaputra Srinivas.

The books that were released are – Kai Hididu nee Nadesu Tande by Vishveshwar Bhat, Avaru Ivaru Devaru by Jogi, Last Days of Legends by Ganesh Kasargod, Vishwa Sundari by Kum Veerabhadrappa, Solemba Geluvu by Deepa Hireguththi, Mani Mani Economy by Rangaswamy Mookanahalli, Art of Success by Ramesh Aravind, Nimagehtu Hana Beku? By Anand Hudangaje, and Olleya Badukina Soothragalu by Ravikrishna Reddy .

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