SUGARLESS WHAT A BEAUTY -Rating 4.5/5 *****
Posted date: 08 Fri, Jul 2022 02:35:38 PM

Duration – 130.47 minutes, Category – Diabetic Love Story, Score – 4.5/5

Title – SUGARLESS, Producer – Shashidhar Production House, Producer – KM Shashidhar, Direction – Shashidhar K M, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Lavith, Cast – Prithvi Ambar, Priyanka Thimmesh, Dattanna, Dharmanna, Naveen Padil, Raghu Ramanakoppa, Sunandamma, Padmaja Rao, Baby Tanushka, Mrs Shashidhar and others.

Sugarless is a wholesome family entertainer from debut director Shaahidhar and team. Like the song goes in the Nam Taayane Love you Bangari….Nim Taayane Cinema Nodi Banni….you feel happy on watching a refreshing film ‘Sugarless’.

The first half is itself a ‘Paisa Vasool’ the second is half extra bonus to your ticket price concluding with a good message to diabetes disorder.

The high point is not just late dialogue writer Guru Kashyap`s wonderful lines, it is also because of fine selection of actors - right man and right job besides excellent technical support of music from Anoop Seelin and cinematography from Lavith. In the first film Sugarless director cum producer KM Shashidhar has measured it well to suit a commercial entertainer slot. Lot more can be expected from this film maker.

He is Venkatesha Ala Prithvi Ambar living with Chinnaswamy alias Dharmanna. In the next house Dattanna and Naveen Padil live. All become friends and each one has different temperament in life.

The jolly ride in the office, home and bar for the foursome suddenly gets a jerk when Venkatesh is identified as a sugar patient. This is on the verge of his marriage with Lucky (Mahalakshmi) alias Priyannka Thimmesh. This disorder of diabetes swallows the mood of Venkatesha, he makes frantic efforts like how the common people in the society does.

The secretly kept diabetic issue balloons up as a big problem in his married life. So what happens in the broken family of Venkatesha. You cannot miss this one that finally gives a good relief.

Prithvi Ambar is the hero of the future Kannada cinema industry. After Diya and Bairaagi he has given splendid performances. He lived the role to the core. He reminds Ramesh Aravind of his abilities. In dance Prithvi excels, in emotions he is very good, dialogue delivery is natural.

The beautiful Priyanka Thimmesh gives a splendid performance. Dharmanna, Dattanna, Naveen Padeel and Raghu Ramanakoppa are a great treat to watch for dialogues, timing and perfectly fitting the role.
 Padmaja Rao is fine and Sunandamma as grandmother in the film gathers attention for her role.

Nam thaayane love you Bangari and another song is too good from music composer of high caliber Anoop Seelin.
The Cinematography of Lavith matches well to the mood of the film and it is a visual treat. 

‘Sugarless’ is for all kinds of audiences and you keep a portion of your money for the entire family to watch this film. 

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