Suresh Extremely Confident About Totapuri
Posted date: 19 Mon, Sep 2022 12:32:02 PM
Producer Suresh is extremely confident about his upcoming release, Totapuri. The film starring Jaggesh, Dhananjaya, Aditi Prabhudeva and Suman Ranganath is releasing on September 30 worldwide. 

According to Suresh, as of now, a thousand screens across India and 40 countries globally will be screening the film. This will be the biggest release for Jaggesh and director Vijayaprasad. 

Suresh, who has made many successful said he was impressed by the script of Vijayaprasad. He said it would take two-three days to narrate the script. I said it was okay. But the very minute he completed narrating the script, I agreed to produce it. It was so impressive. 

"I cannot also thank enough, the support extended by Jaggesh sir. Without his continued support and inspiration it would not have been possible to complete this film on this scale. He is a source of inspiration for the entire team," Suresh said. 

Dhananjay plays a special role in the film. Despite his busy schedule, he wanted to be part of the team when the story was narrated to him. "He was extremely supportive despite being extremely busy," recalled Suresh. 

Suresh said he was confident about the content of the film and said it was a subject that would appeal to every part of the country. He said every aspect of the film was given detailed attention. He gave the example of the song Baglu Tegi Meri Jaan which the team including composer Anoop Seelin was determined to make a success. The song is still on top of the charts since its release.


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