Posted date: 3/July/2009

The 31st birthday of golden star Ganesh was very tearful for him in the morning as he went to Rajarajeswarinagar orphan school where mentally retarded children are living. Ganesh went there to stay for one hour but he had to stay for three hours as the children got some sort of energy in them. ‘I could not move out quickly’. One of child holding Ganesh hand tightly said he wants a watch with great difficult that made the golden star to collect tears.

Golden star Ganesh very affectionately mixed with the children of mentally retarded orphan school and later in the evening he came to Windosor Manor Hotel where he arranged a birthday party on his birthday to friends, film industry, media friends and family members.

Ganesh with his new Gowri in the house the cute crawling baby Charitrya and wife Shilpa cut the cake in the presence of bigwigs of the Kannada cinema industry like Dr.Vishnuvardhana, V Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Darshan, Geetha Shivarajakumar, Ashwini Puneeth Rajakumar, SK Bhagwan, Gurukiran, Nagathihalli, Chandrasekhar, Rockline Venkatesh, K Manju, Anandappa, Priyanka, Preetham Gubbi, Shivamani, Rehman, Thagaraju, SV Babu, Anirudh, IAS Shivaramu, Kaviraj, Aditya, Srimurali, Vijaya Raghavendra, Indrajith Lankesh, Dayal, Priya Bharathi, Avinash, Malavika, S Narayan, Ramesh Yadav, Ravishanker and various others.

Rebel star Ambarish arrived around 10.30 am to greet Golden star on his birthday. The golden star on this occasion announced formally the starting of Golden movies and thanked those who have been instrumental in his growth in the 10 years. From small screen to big screen and now to production for films I have been given good encouragement. I would like to get the same encouragement and blessings he said in a short address.

It was a very expensive party Golden star Ganesh offered and everything was in style. The cocktail dinner was served for more than 500 guests on this occasion.


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