Posted date: 31/May/2010

One of the strong pillars of meaningful films of this country Shyam Benegal feels the technology today to go in for 2000 to 2500 screens on the release day has spelt doom for other kind of cinema that is the thought of institutions like ‘Chitra Samooha’. Popular culture of this mass media is a misnomer. But it is time for us to show it to the generation of 15 to 35 there is another kind of cinema and draw their attention says Benegal after inaugurating the ‘Chitra Varsha’ a unique thought of ‘Chitra Samooha’ to pool the quality films and make them available to the people.

In Maharashtra the Universities have thought of campus films. Nearly 250 places the meaningful films were screened and succeeded. The demarcation of art and commercial films Benegal did not agree. The so called popular films are manipulated for the existence of power on hands. The world is saturated today. The impact of why we make film is dispatched via SMS messages. So why we make the film should be strong. Benegal referred to the Vango system of grandeur taking center stage in popular films. They are in fact bribed.

The quality films that do not find theatres should be tried and tested for ever in this mass media. In the ages of advertisement world we have to quick in marketing the concepts. The ‘Chitra Varsha’ type of films should also make money after all money is the main requirement to push the thoughts of film makers he says.

Do not have audience is not the way out. You have to have the audience and then compete. It cannot remain in the cans. The system of mouth to mouth good publicity has disappeared. From 1991 the growth of television in rapid style has lead to 350 television channels today. It is growing not stopping. Look at the kind of people who are watching the moving images. The language usage is changing. The advertisement growth is phenomenal. The ozone films have come. The change has come in terrible way. It is time for quick pick. It is time for learning and relearning. In no way you can avoid it. The approach and deal is in which way audience are able to respond. The subject they deal is the same. It is a fallen horizon when you look at the urban audience stated Benegal.

Releasing the three months handbook of 14 films of ‘Chitra Varsha’ Jnanapeeth award winning Dr UR Ananthamurthy felt the need of knowing the children mind from the school days besides the regular text book culture. One hour a week in every school what the children have liked or disliked in the last week should be ascertained. They should be made conscious to reflect on things they see. As the children grow they will be assessing and give priority to look at different approach made. We do not give ample time for preparation. So for analysis cannot happen with that there will be no impact.

Reacting to the other kind of cinema talked about Dr URS said such films should be made available to at least some people of this society. I cannot understand the advertisements today but my grand son can understand. The negative or positive the children grasp. For good things the attempt to reach should be changed he felt.

Dr Girish Kasaravalli was also present on the dais. The was switched on by eminent director Shyam Benagal.

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