Posted date: 10/June/2011

Sri Raghavendra Swamy character Parikshit is just 22 years and the wife role ‘Saraswathi’ is just 14 years. That is Anugna studying in 9th standard. She had given an impeccable performance so far. The role beyond her age indeed! Anugna hails from Sagar taluk. She is a student of Vidyabivruddhi Sangha. She acted in ‘Kanyadhana’ of Ba La Suresh.

Look at Parikshit - ‘At this age of 22 when I stand before colleges thinking girls would like me, I am asked to give blessings’ – This is Parikshit who plays Lord Raghavendra Swamy in small screen ‘Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava’ mega serial explaining at the media conference on Thursday evening. I have given up ‘Thamasa Guna’. I do not get angry, I hear to my parents with lot of respect that was never before.

This is Rayara effect says Parikshit who has just become ‘Sri Raghavendra Swamy’ in the television serial that is telecast on Monday to Friday at 10 pm in Suvarana channel. For regular Uppit given I say Hari Chittha and for masal puri I tell not to add onions.

Like how the problems occurred to the character the same was the case for me in personal life. I met with an accident riding a bike. I had some problems. I am today because of Poornapragna School. There I studied for eight years. Later Raghunandhan brought me to BA LA Suresh. I got approval in the first test.

Any credit given to me should go to the school where I came from and director Ba La Suresh says Parikshit.

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