Posted date: 28/March/2010

Noted director of Kannada cinema S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu in financial turmoil for his film ‘Thipparahalli Tharlegalu’ has come out from the clutches after two and half years of launch of the film.

Known for pretty good films in Kannada filmdom Singh Babu has once again picked humor with dose of strong message via Dhobi, Tailor and a Poojari. The interspersing of elements Singh Babu is famous for. He brings in Kanwarlal Ambarish in this film and adds further humor flavor for the film. What the three commoners of the society like RK Lakshman common man get lorry load of money. How to use it the height of thinking of Singh Babu works. He is known for comedy series Kuri, Kothi and Kathegalu sir series.

S Narayan is one of the three humor emitters. Narayan fond of Singh Babu style of working in comedy from serious films like Bandhana, Muthina Hara wondered at the high caliber of Singh Babu. Komalkumar in his comedy address that the film had the support of even the IDBI said this film is like a beautiful ripe pickle. He plays Panduranga in the film. Krupakar explained the salsa type, hip hop style and folk mixed with western song he has done for the film.

Ambarish Kanwarlal comeback film in this film came as usual late and spoke to electronic media. None of the heroines for this pre release press meet came to address the media. Producer A Mohan was happy for the film release.

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