Posted date: 6/August/2008

This observation came to the mind on Wednesday morning at Ravikiran estate at the muhurut of Kannada film ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ that is based on the very famous comedy drama staged by 80 years old KBR Drama Company for more than 6000 times and watched by over 15 lakh people.

When the issue of replacement of remakes by such popular theatre plays is possible or not pat came the positive reply from versatile actor Ananthnag and reputed director Chindodi Bangaresh.

According to Ananthnag when such plays are taken seriously and adapted on silver screen we can easily weed out import of artistes from other states and a careful presentation is important he said. Reacting suddenly Chidodi Bangaresh said there are nearly 60 to 70 plays in the KBR Drama Company headed by Chindodi Leela that are worthwhile to come on silver screen. He quoted the popular play of Mahantesh Shastri ‘Eridha Nanju’.

Especially the artists living is only because of theatre plays said Bangaresh. Ananthnag joining him said there is no story in films today and character artistes are not properly derived. Just four fights and six songs is not everything. There is no change in the values that would give room to good development said Ananthnag.

Prior to this discussion actor, producer and director Dwarakish gave a start to this discussion because he remembered playing roles on stage for nearly 150 dramas. The culture of theatre plays getting converted to cinema is very high in Tamil Nadu. The films like ‘Badhuku Bangaravayuthu, Sampathige Savaal’ were stage plays in Kannada. When I got the offer that I should play ‘Duddina Doddaiah’ I showed interest in seeing the stage play ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’. I have suggested a few changes in the climax that was accepted. For good plays some changes are needed when it is brought on silver screen opined Dwarakish.

The second longest surviving KBR Drama Company (the first one is Gubbi Veeranna Theatre crossed 100 years) has reached to the 80th year. It is celebrating the event soon. On the day of launch of popular play to cinema the KBR Company has also launched another stage play ‘Thangiyadhalu Savathi’.

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