THOTHAPURI Good entertainer - Rating 3.5
Posted date: 02 Sun, Oct 2022 11:56:42 AM

Movie: Thothapuri Chapter 1 (Kannada)

Director:  Vijaya Prasad

Cast: Jaggesh, Adithi Prabhudeva, Suman Ranganath, Veena Sundar, Hema Dutt, Dattatreya

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Certification: U/A

Director Vijaya Prasad has tried his best to provide entertainment for the audiences. The movie Thothapuri starts with a roadside tea shop where neither the owner of the tea shop nor a cleaner or a customer present. The only people at the tea shop are Eere Gowda (Jaggesh) and Shakeela Bhanu (Adithi Prabhudeva) who are seen discussing many issues over a cup of tea and snacks.. Eere Gowda is tailor who owns a Thothapuri Tailoring Shop and Shakeela Bhanu is a cashier at a cooperative bank.

Meanwhile, three people appear on the screen and begin narrating the stories of other characters of the movie. The characters include Ere Gowda, Shakeela Bhanu, Donne Biryani Rangamma and Nanjamma. The climax is whether or not Ere Gowda and Shakeela Bhanu get married? What happens to Sister Victoria (Suman Ranganath) and what is the role of an interesting character (Dhananjay).

 Jaggesh is at his best in mouthing double meaning dialogues and his gestures are a treat to watch.

Adithi Prabhudeva is beautiful. Hema Dutt and Veena Sundar have acted well. Dattanna provided good support.

It is a good entertainer for those who want to spend their leisure time.

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