TOM AND JERRY GOOD ATTEMPT - Score – 3.5/5 ***
Posted date: 13 Sat, Nov 2021 03:22:05 PM
Duration – 153 minutes, Category – love story, Score – 3.5/5

Title – Tom and Jerry, Producer – Raju Sherigar, Direction – Raghav Vinay Shivagange, Music – Mathew Manu, Cinematography – Sankesh, Cast –Nischit Karodi, Chaitra Rao, Jai Jagadish, Thara Anuradha, Rockline Sudhakar, Padmaja Rao, Sampath Kumar, Kaddipudi Chandru and others.

One of the writers of KGF Raghav Vinay Shivagange has made a bold and sincere attempt in his debut as director. He comes up with the philosophy of life. Lifestyle and Life, which one to choose in life, the wasting of time and repenting later incorporated in this film made for youths.

Of course, there is fun, action and love transforming on screen in a convincing style. The right ability required to think is the focus of this director and imbibe maturity. Instead of dreaming come to reality he says and further concludes that life in the present tense is important.

Dharma  (Nischit Karodi) is a rough and tough guy orphan growing for free style living. He was adopted at a young age and he is not gelling well with his parents – the affection he misses is what makes him tougher. When Dharma realizes that he should love his parents it is too late. His mother dies even before telling her husband son has shown sympathy. Heartbroken, the foster father of Dharma goes on ‘Deshanthara’ handing him Rs.1.5 crore insurance amounts to him. It is at his journey in the last bus the conversation with commuter`s changes Dharma mindset. The driver of the BMTC Kaddipudi Chandru disclose the significance of the mother for Dharma but it was too late.

On the contrary to Dharma is Sathya (Chaitra Rao). She wants to be mad in life with affluence not giving her happiness and peace. Sathya is also adopted from the same orphan house of Dharma. Both meet after an 18 years gap with different ideals in life. Sathya`s father is a factory owner where Dharma works for his livelihood.

When Sathya and Dharma realizes the value of life it is time for climax. Whether they reunite in life with reality thinking in life, you have to watch it on the silver screen.

Nischit Karodi ‘Gantumoote’ fame is sure to be a good action hero in the coming days in Kannada filmdom. He has that fire and build. His dialogue delivery is also impressive. Chaitra Rao, a beautiful looking Television actress of ‘Jodi Hakki’ is lively and contributes to the strength of the film.

Kaddi Pudi Chandru as bus conductor is impressive. Thara Anuradha as tearjerker mother emoted well.
There are two lovely songs, action competently handled, dialogues are impressive, editing of this lengthy film needed some trimming, cinematographer has the right mood for the silver screen via proper lighting.
The ups and downs in life mixed with emotions in ‘Tom and Jerry’ is impressive in this Riddi Siddi Films. 
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