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Title – Toothu Madike, Producers – Shivakumar KB, Madhusudhan Rao, Direction – Chandra Keerthi, Music – Swaminathan, Cinematography – Navil Chella, Cast – Chandra Keerthi, Pavana Gowda, Pramod Shetty, Giri, Ugram Manju, Shankar Ashwath and others.

In the maiden directorial venture and also appearing in lead role Chandra Keerthi shines in this entertainer that is also tucked with a message. Wants are unlimited in this society. When such wants are thought beyond one`s reach what happens is the crux. Of course the adage in Kannada ‘Kaasidre Kailaasa’ reminds me of the memory when all the characters go behind the antic piece that is missing.

Director Chandra Keerthi struggled more in bringing the various factors under one roof. The film moves in a thrilling style showcasing the society`s different faces.

The protagonist Chandra Keerthi lives in a slum with his friend Giri known for their tricky work. There is Parimala alias Pavana Gowda running a petty shop. There is Shanker Ashwarh opting for a good political person looking for a ministerial berth. The politician chela is Pramod Shetty and the bad mannered youth son of politician.

In the surroundings of all these characters the Hoysala Empire time precious idol goes missing. The story takes interesting turns from now on.

Where is the precious idol, who gets it at what cost etc goes in the second half with twists and turns. This is worth watching for the first time director and hero Chandra Keerthi`s effort.

As an actor also he wins with his good caliber, Pawana Gowda is precise in her role. The one equal to the hero is comedy actor Giri and he gets the major attention too. Pramod Shetty is in two shades shines,

Actors such as Shanker Ashwath, Ugram Manju, Nanda Gopal give good support from their performance to ‘Toothu Madike’.

Swaminathan music gets good attention in songs. The Navin Chella camera moved to various places to capture good visuals.

In the first attempt the NRI Kannadigas coming to Karnataka – Madhusudhan Rao and Shivakumar KB picked an interesting tale to entertain the audience.

For various twists and turns in the screenplay you can watch this film. 

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