Posted date: 16 Thu, Jun 2022 01:30:18 PM

A film with good thought, good feeling cinema at a pre release meet ‘Turthu Nirgamana’ came out with an attractive trailer and that showed the tremendous strength of the film.

Director Hemanth Kumar looks to be very studious and conceived a good subject to address the masses with his debut film. It is a Scientific fantasy drama.

According to executive producer Sunil the film is sure to get audience attention and the team adding courage for this subject is a big boon. We are having a premiere show on June 21 – three days before the release.

Actor of very popular films like Excuse Me Sunil Rao says he is confident because of the brilliant contents. The hopes will be maintained. It is a ‘Uttama’ cinema and not big in the venture. We have 360 degree sound for 21 seconds. Our team traveled for 2000 kilometers and several other technicalities like VFX for about 30 minutes add value. For me it is a comeback to cinema he says. I am immensely happy, says Sunil Rao.

Prayag had done a great experiment for this film in the cinematography; Doss Mode had done binaural effects for the trailer besides working for months on the background score.

Sudharani has a totally different role in the nurse get up and she hopes for a good response to the film. Hemanth is brilliant and his interest for minute things is wonderful and my experience so far in my career of 36 years says Sudharani has not encountered such a tremendous work.

Aruna Balaraj, a very popular Amma of today`s Kannada filmdom says this is Adbutha chitra. It is GBSM time Hemanth met me and he remembered me for this film. It is a good thing. Gives us support for three days and then automatically it gets 100 days status she stated.

Rishab Shetty`s advantage from this film is that he learnt car driving. Eight hours of rigorous training for him made him drive the car today from Mangaluru to Bengaluru.

Hita Chandrasekhar is happy with 90 percent of comments coming in favor of the trailer and it will be a new experience in the theaters. Watch this film in the theaters for a good experience, recommends Samyuktha Hegde who is the cricket coach in this film.  

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