Tagaru Palya For All Types of Audiences -Rating 4/5 ****
Posted date: 27 Fri, Oct 2023 � 01:41:34 PM

For all types of audiences

Movie: Tagaru Palya (Kannada)

Director: Umesh K Krupa

Cast: Nagabhushana, Amrutha Prem, Rangayana Raghu, Tara, Sharath Lohitashwa, Vijanath Biradar, Chitra Shenoy, and the male sheep known as 7-star Sultan

Duration: 130 minutes

Certificate: U

Rating: Four out of five

The movie begins with Paandu (Rangayana Raghu) asking his wife Shantha (Tara) to ask their daughter Jyothi be ready to go to their family Goddess. They want to fulfill their vow to ensure Jyothi’s marriage by offering a male sheep. Shantha comes to know that Jyothi wanted to elope with a boy as she does not like to marry a youth from Bengaluru.

Paandu appeals to his friends and relatives to accompany him to visit the Goddess temple in a nearby forest. Chikka (Nagabushana), the nephew of Paandu, provides all facilities at the temple in a forest for animal sacrifice. However, the animal sacrifice gets delayed due to some unknown reasons. What happens to the male sheep is the climax.

All the actors have acted well. Nenapiralli Prem’s Daughter Amrutha Prem Acted As a Well known Actresess  at her best at Debut 

She has acted like an experienced heroine. Nagabushana, as an orphan who depends on his uncle for everything, has acted well.

Music and photography are good.

The movie is worth watching by family members.


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