Two divorce and a wedding
Posted date: 8/May/2009

Shruti's divorce with director S Mahendar will not be the end of the story. The actress says she has a live beyond her broken marriage and has already found a new man. Chandrachud (Chakravarthi) a journalist turned film director is the man Shruti will wed after her divorce with S Mahendar comes through. Chandrachud is also going through a divorce. While Shruti has one girl child with Mahendar, Chakaravarthi is the father of two girls.

Both Chandrachud and Shruti said that their love was two years old and had nothing to do with the divorce. They say that they came together because they were both facing problems with their marriages. They say that they were classmates in primary school in Holenarasipura and that they are distant relatives.

"My marriage has been on the rocks for eight years. I was not bold enough to walk out of the marriage then. Filing for divorce was the last resort. I need a life and a divorce should not be the end of the road for me. I needed a man in my life and Chandrachud has fulfilled that role," Shruti said over phone from Tirupathi where the duo are staying for the last two days. Both are expected to come back to Bangalore by Friday evening.

Chandrachud, said there was no relation between his love affair with Shruti and her divorce petition against S Mahendar. "The problem between Shruti and Mahendar is eight years old. Our love is only a couple of years old. Both Shruti's and my parents know about our relationship and there is sanction from both familes for us to marry later," he said. Shruti and director S Mahendar married in 1998. The actress applied for divorce earlier this week in Bangalore.

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