Posted date: 18/September/2008

Just behind the Big Bazaar at Kathriguppe in Bangalore the residence of real star Upendra house was flooded with fans right from the morning 7 am to greet the super star on his 40th birthday. The entire road of Upendra house was occupied by the ‘Buddivantha’ film team with a stage and orchestra team on the one side. One dozen policemen monitored the crowd who came from different parts of state to the birthday of Upendra.

One who got noticed was Manjunath of Bagalkot who had made a special T shirt and his dollar in the chain around the neck had the Upendra photograph. From morning 9 am Upendra received his fans and well wishers to his residence. The fans go frenzy when the queue did not move and police had to intervene to control the fans. The fans were distributed ‘Laddu’ at the gate.

Around 10 am Upendra was seen with his wife Priyanka, daughter Aishwarya (son Ayushman had gone to school) his parents and brother Sudheendra. Several cakes brought by the fans were cut by Upendra in his more than three hours meeting of his fans.

According to Upendra’s brother Sudheendra the screenplay is ready for the launch of home banner film. ‘Gokarna’ was the last film produced by Upendra in his banner.

Dr.Vishnuvardhana received a felicitation a day earlier to his birthday at Kunigal. The 18th September 1950 born versatile actor of Kannada cinema Dr.Vishnuvardhana was crowned the silver crown by the Kunigal Vishnu Sena Samithi on his 59th birthday. Legislators Ramaswamy Gowda, Somanna were present at this honor to the supreme actor of Kannada cinema.

On 18th evening at his residence Dr.Vishnuvardhana is to meet his fans and take their blessings.

The 100 plus actress Shruthi whose birthday also falls on 18th September had a quiet birthday with her family members in Bangalore.

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