Posted date: 1/August/2009

This song reminds us once again! The real star Upendra who made a huge wave after ‘A’ and a film in his name ‘Upendra’ as actor and director kept quiet even before in direction of ‘H2O’ is now back again with a sign title – in the ads he has given he has joined the index and thumb fingers and left the middle, ring and little finger straight – this is the sign with quotes the title of Upendra film.

Upendra is known for such announcements. He has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and DIRECTS the film besides acting. This film will be made in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

On the Varamahalakshmi day he has splashed the ad with no other information. According to reliable sources he is producing this film in all the four languages.

Known for excellent gimmicks real star Upendra what he has in store you have to watch it only on screen. He is not in the habit of divulging anything.

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