Posted date: 20/February/2011

From 1974 ‘Boothayyana Maga Ayyu’ to ‘Super’ in 2011 ‘Uppina Kaayi’ has been tastefully used although the Blood Pressure of losing producers are increasing!
On Saturday evening at Nayana auditorium at the SP Varadaraju awards evening it was down memory lane for ‘Uppinakaayi Uncle Lokanath’. He was the chief guest at the felicitation of Smt Revathi Kalyankumar and Lal Mohammad Aldhala.
The fact is that the ‘Gowdana Uppinakayi’ in Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar novel that was made as ‘Boothayyana Maga Ayyu’ in 1974 by director Siddalingaiah has interested Lokanath. For that particular film he was told you have no role further made the talented Lokanath to somehow pick a role. There was a small cobbler role that won’t suit you and you should not do it told Siddalingaiah. But Lokanath uncle wanted to take up that itself and add ‘Gowdana Uppinakayi’ episode to it.
Lokanath went straight to SP Varadaraju and explained the situation. He narrated what he intends to do and requested him to support his thought. Once Lokanath got the nod he went back to his room in Rathan Mahal in Malleswaram and found a cobbler and his wife for a few days. On this character Lokanath made it look real and for Uppinakayi he suggested for ‘Herale Kaayi and strong chilly paste’. Siddalingaiah told you can go ahead and the self derived Uppinakayi episode was approved by Siddaligaiah at the 9th take.
For every take munching salt soaked Herale Kayi and licking the red chili paste of course made Lokanath to suffer dysentery for two days. For the last scene also in ‘Boothayyana Maga Ayyu’ Lokanath shot up with an idea on ‘Uppinakayi Jaadi’ for which Siddalingaiah approved and SP Varadarju approving the whole episode made Lokanath to salute his taste of audience!
Lokanath was not self boasting but it is he who again said the climax of ‘Banaradha Manushya’ according to TK Rama Rao novel is not right and it should be changed. SP Varadaraju was also on the same thought of giving a new touch but it was not told to Lokanath. The final good bye of Dr Rajakumar character was the brainy work of Varadaraju.
Lokanath coming back to ‘Boothayyana Maga Ayyu’ was invited for the premier of the film at Alankar theatre which he initially declined but went on the insistence of Siddalingaiah. After seeing the film everyone liked the Uppinakayi episode separately and Siddalingaiah took Lokanath straight to Gundappa Hotel and ordered two Jamoon! Not only had this for the forecast Lokanath made that the film would run for 100 days he was assured ‘Gold Chain’!
With a solid personality like Varadaraju Namma Shivanna has grown knowing more things. It is during the ‘Bangaradha Panjara’ I taught him to play cricket Lokanath uncle turned to Shivanna on dais and smiled.
With that real story of ‘Uppinakaayi’ how it was formed there was something more in the ‘Jaadi of experience’ of Lokanath. That was related to the 100 days event in Mandya!
It was full attendance and there was tight security. On dais Dr Vishnu, Lokesh, MP Shanker, Dinesh, Lokanath, Siddalingaiah and others are sitting. Breaking the security an old lady struggled to come on stage that was permitted.
Immediately she opened her bag and came near Lokanath and placed four bottled of Uppinakaayi! It was a shock for everyone when the old lady said ‘You eat everything and take my ‘Ayyassu’ also!
I was down for two days with dysentery at the time of shooting remembered Lokanath! Such memories coming out from the 85 years old grand actor of Kannada cinema Lokanath was heard with pin drop silence at Nayana Hall.

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