Posted date: 20 Mon, Dec 2021 08:15:55 PM

The strong urge to take leadership was heard at the ‘Badava Rascal’ pre release meet. Obviously Dr Shivarajakumar present should take up the leadership of the industry stated first Rangayana Raghu. This call was also in the wake of burning of Kannada flag and damage to the Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna statue.

We are silent means that we do not tolerate injustice. Rangayana Raghu said living in Karnataka it is our state anthem that starts with ‘Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujaathe….. it is not there in any state. Recent in justice done to Karnataka by Marathis should not happen again stated Rangayana Raghu.

Remembering Appu the elder brother with pain said we should not be like this forever. I should move with the pain and I try to be happy in his loss.

Remembering the only bad word used by his father Dr Rajkumar in Shankar Guru, Ajatashatru Shiv turned focus on leadership.

I don’t want to be a leader. It is always Appaji leader. Let us all move together. When it comes to language, we are Indians. In the particular state giving respect to that state language must happen. Kannada flag should not be put down and burn it, we should love Karnataka and no one should not over pour. When we get angry, the level is different. Government should fight for this injustice. It is not enough from tweet. For my language I am ready to give my breath. Let my life go, I am at 60. When my brother has gone at 46, I am practical and careful. No one life is guarantee. Life is gift, unnecessarily should not die, even I want to live for 100 years stated Shiv.

How can they burn flag, Kannada Thayi burning? How can we keep quiet? It should not happen. Yaare Thappu Madali Shikshe agali. I see all language films. I saw Akhanda Telugu film. It is because of my love to Balakrishna.

Drawing his attention on reviews Shiv said say good points. I beg for good support to Kannada films. Everyone is Bikshuka in life pointed Shiv in his address.

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