Posted date: 11 Sun, Jul 2021 06:48:20 PM

A film on the bondage of father and son played by Charan Raj and Mari Tiger Vinod Prabhakar in the direction and debut production of Udaya Prakash ‘Varda’ motion poster was released at Renukamba Digital theatre.

The poster looked stunning and it is likely to bring in a new image for director Udaya Prakash.  I hope the spark carried out in this motion poster will be throughout the film. For bondage, it is not necessary to be in blood. The rivalry of the protagonist is because he did not have the love and affection at the right age. While working with Vinod Prabhakar I found a glimpse of his father. I was associated with Tiger Prabhakar film in the past and now the director of his son film. Vinod Prabhakar is producer hero and Dr Shiv stands as first producer hero in the industry stated by Udaya Prakash. Vinod learnt Kalari from 70 years old Ashraf of Kerala for this film.

As a producer I would say it is my 20 years journey. My friends have joined and top of it my wife Smt Sunitha extended full courage in me to take up this maiden film production stated by Udaya Prakash. I had just Rs.1 lakh in my pocket when I started this film two years ago remembers Udaya Prakash.  We have shot in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Udupi and Kundapura for sixty days. The veteran actor Charan Raj is like ‘Hunse Mara’ (Tamarind tree). As he grows, he is ripe and right in his attitudes.

Veteran actor Charan Raj remembering his days with Tiger Prabhakar collected tears when he was told that he is playing father role to Vinod Prabhakar. I have worked with a few Tiger Prabhakar films. He had taken to Chiranjeevi and Rajanikanth in the past and encouraged a lot. Like his father Vinod is also duty bound. He had received injuries to his legs yet he worked without disturbing shooting in progress, said Charan Raj.


Vinod Prabhakar, a humble person, said after ‘Robert’ he was injured for a while and then he got into this film of father and son bondage. I am lucky to get a good team again. Mari Tiger was upset because one of the media had told that he was demanding high remuneration after ‘Robert’ success. I am not like that. Do not kick at my plate of food he appealed.


Cameraman Jai Anand got good appreciation for his sensibilities. Pradeep Verma music director appreciated the humbleness of Vinod Prabhakar and his knowledge on sound and frequency.

The female lead is Amitha, MK Matha, Ashwini Gowda and others are in the cast.

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