Posted date: 22/August/2010

Our colleague Manjunath popularly known as VCN Manju is taking up a big task with heart of butter! The patriotic song he had written a few months ago changing his fortune it seems.

VCN Manju had directed many of the programs in his capacity as visual media journalist and now taking up a film to direct. Mahendra Munnoth who made ‘Auto’ the pharmacist from Rajasthan is likely to be the producer of the concept of VCN Manju.

There is no doubt that VCN has penned very invigorating patriotic song. Vandhe Matharam Vandhe Matharam Ondhe Bhoomi Ondhe Neeru, Ondhe Gaali…Obbane Soorya Bhoomi Belagalu, Obbane Chandra Iralanu Kanalu… sung by top voice of Karnataka Rajesh Krishna and young Sagar has tuned the lyrics made the song even more stronger.

Rajesh Krishnan the replica of Dr SPB became emotional after singing this song is only because of the strength in the lyrics of VCN Manjunath who is ‘Annavra Bhaktha’.

Right from 7th standard VCN is into scribbling something or the other in notebooks. He is a graduate in Bachelor in Arts from Mysore University. His patriotism even spreads to the family level. In the recent Indian Independence day celebration he quarreled with his wife Veena that daughter Amoolya should wear the Bharatha Matha costume instead of any western costume.

My film will be patriotic and on several issues is try to give solutions to the problems faced by this society.

In the last 12 years VCn Manja is in to creative jobs working for NICE TV, Amogh and VCN. He has interviewed many of the top literary personalities and film personalities.

Jai Rajanna and Jai Manjanna!

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