Posted date: 20 Mon, Jun 2022 09:46:51 AM

The nationally acclaimed director SV Rajendra Singh Babu has set up a court room at Kanteerava Studio for his final portions of shooting for the historical film ‘Veera Kambala’ and there is a very strong portion of Prakash Rai VS Ravishanker in the argument and counter argument. Both are known for stiff and strong roles sure to give some memorable moments on the screen.

I had done the script for two years and 16000 pages were written in the process. Picking the arguments held for this ‘Buffalo Race’ in real life I have prepared the portion for the film. I had even taken tips from TN Seetharam for this court room episode. I had worked for nine months for this portion with Vijayakumar Kodiyalbail screenplay and dialogue writer Singh Babu. I have the top two actors Prakash Rai and Ravishanker for this portion, he added.

Singh Babu further said he did not want to miss the natural feel. He visited 15 Kambala races and met the owners. To get the right feel we opted for Srinivas Gowda and Swaraj for this film. This is 800 years of history depicting film. Nothing is artificial, added Singh Babu.

This is ‘Nanna Nelada Kathe’, I feel proud to be part of this film. I had acted in Muttina Haara of SV Rajendra Singh Babu. I had a good time with him. I am seen in court scenes in a few films. But this is a topic close to my heart. More than dialogues, my expressions of emotions are important. As a Kannadiga I feel it is my responsibility to perform in this film. I am a Tulu speaking person hailing from the Dakshin Kannada region. I argue in favor of my land and culture is very close to me. The water from ‘Kambala’ is not dirty water, it is a ‘Theertha’ situation that makes me very emotional, stating the nation`s pride Prakash Rai. Prakash Rai arrived from Hyderabad to take part in this film shooting.

Known for his punching performance and strong dialogues ever since ‘Kempe Gowda’ Kannada film Ravishanker says he acted in this film for three reasons. First one is an opportunity act in Tulu language, second one is SV Rajendra Singh Babu because I had seen his Bandhana and Muttina Hara several times and our country`s one of the best actors Prakash Rai – for all reasons I agreed to act pointed out Ravishanker in his address.

AR Productions Arun Rai Thodar hailing from Modabidri a businessperson in New Delhi and Ranchi also a realtor is extremely happy to be part of this film and he is optimistic. He wishes to take up many more projects in future.

Khadri Manikanth scores four songs for this film, R Giri is cinematographer, Naveen Padil, Gopinath Bath, Rajashekar Kotiyan, Mime Ramesh, Usha Bhandari, Bhojaraja Vamanjur, Geetha Surathkal, Suresh Shetty NSD New Delhi, Divya, Santosh Shetty, Yuva Shetty, Hardik Padival, Santosh (US) and others are in the cast.

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