Posted date: 13/March/2009

One of the prestigious institutions Lahari Recording Company the authority in audio house in Karnataka headed by Manohar Naidu and his younger brother Thulsiram Naidu alias Velu popularly known has lashed at the attitude of the Kannada film music directors for using the wrong tactics in pleasing the producer.

The music director should not lie to the producer first and secondly he should obey the director. The director also should be able to take good work from the music director. Instead of it giving package deal, music directors going to Mumbai waiting in five star hotels for days to get the call sheet of singers is not called for attacked Velu.

Look at the music directors who lived with Audio houses telling the new producers not to go to the audio houses – this is nothing but injustice. If it is because the market rate has fallen down and FM stations pour money for the songs of the producers then they are wrong. FM stations give Rs.2.40 paisa for one broadcast of the song. The amount is very minimum says Velu. The music director should first give quality – this is the only solution says Velu.

Drawing his attention on A.R.Rehman the Oscar winner today Velu said he remembers our Lahari Recording Company in his speech. That should be the gratitude feels Velu.

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