Posted date: 14/January/2010

The successful hero of last year action hero, muscle man and who has six packs abs nick named as ‘Black Cobra’ is grooming his physique to become another ‘Sylvester Stallone’ of Hollywood . Vijay shot in to fame from ‘Dhuniya’ in 2007 is taking up a film for Ramu Enterprises in the direction of Tushar Ranganath will have the ‘First Blood’ Sylvester Stallone type of action. He is working out on different combination in action with famous action director Thriller Manju.

Vijay has worked out rigorously for three months to shape up his body in the guidance of Kitty. He had showed the new photographs of his six packs and sterling physique to the media persons at Minerva Mills on the sets of ‘Aithalakkadi’. In ‘Aithalakkadi’ Vijay appears in a friendly appearance of a cop. He has one thrilling action and one scene.

For the film ‘Shanker IPS’ this physique was possible because of tight food control and workout. Six spoons of rice limited water later reduced to one spoon of rice, only Chapathis, salt water given Vijay this physique.

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