Posted date: 21/October/2008

24% VIOLENT FILMS IN 2007 - CENSOR CHANDRASEKHAR ---Mindless violence films of 24 percent out of 127 films censored by the Bangalore Regional Censor board in 2007 is highest churning out of films in Kannada when compared to 4 percent in Tamil and 2.4 percent in Telugu says Censor Chairman Chandrasekhar.

Censor chief Chandrasekhar gives the study report of 2007 in his address at the ‘Ekalavya- Samudayadatta Cinema’ the brainchild of Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa who is taking his cinema to 100 places for 100 shows of ‘Ekalavya’.

Instead of going in for routine and mindless violent films go for quality and reality films like how Hindi cinema has seen a change from cross over films advised the censor board chairman and make another disclosure that till October 14 2008 145 films have been censored and it would be thirty more by December.

The censor chief quoted one of the meetings he had in Akashvani where the women folks came to attend. They all felt like beating (Kannada film producers Chachchi haki bidona ansuthe is exactly what they said in chorus). That also indicates the major chunk of family audiences are glued to television. The Kannada cinema industry has lot the middle class coming to theatres. What they can do when Jogi and Mungaru Male are repeated 10 to 15 times respectively by Kannada producers asks Chandrasekhar.

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