Posted date: 29/April/2011

Creativity and hard work has the strength that even money does have! That was evident on Thursday night at the audio release of ‘Aidondla Aidhu’ a unique film with five stories, five music directors and five cameraman – all in the captain VK Prakash direction.
We had three scripts in the past in ‘Katha Sangama’ and after a month or so we will be seeing six scripts in ‘Panchamrutha’ of TN Nagesh. In between is the film with five stories.
A passionate film maker VK Prakash getting drenched from appreciations disclosed that almost all technicians and artists have worked free of cost. For this kind of film the media support is very essential he felt. I am fortunate to get the support from my team. There are no big stars in my films to pull the crowd. In such a juncture for this kind of films media support become important. Media has the strength to make or break. I looked for content to be different. It is so in ‘Aidondla Aidhu’ pointed VKP.
Looking at the working style and happening at the audio release event one of the finest directors of Kannada cinema KCA Chairman TS Nagabharana went to his days of stage.
Actress Shruthi who is a part of the film ‘Aidondla Aidhu’ felt while giving awards the non Kannadiga theory should go away. She was referring to state awards it seems.
Sihikahi Chandru recalled his beginning days of working with VKP for his first assignment in life. Aidondla Idhu is my 298th film stated Chandru.
Harish Raj, Dilipraj, Ajith Hande, Pathaje expressed their work satisfaction from this kind of film. Alphonse, Abijith, Joe rendered the songs from the film.
Distributor and exhibitor Basha has come forward to distribute the film said this five moods film changed my mood. I have to go home and get ‘Gasa Gase Payasa’ to drink.

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